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From our offices and recording studios in downtown Burbank, we offer full post-production audio services for any project. 


We are committed to diversity and inclusivity, and we work with some of the best established and up-and-coming voice talent. In-studio and database casting available.

Script Adapting and Polishing

A good project begins with a good (adapted) script, and we have adept adaptors ready to polish and fine-tune.


Our studios are optimized for dubbing, voiceover, and mixing

in 5.1 or Atmos. Vocal and musical instruments also welcome. Hourly four-walling available.

Editing + Mixing

We can accommodate anything from a quick post-session cleanup and delivery, to a complete edit and mix package.

Sound Design

We can create and deliver exceptional sound experiences that bring pictures to life.

ADR + Loop Groups

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& Voiceover

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Our localization reach is global:

  • access to 70 studios

  • over 50+ languages

  • in 24 countries

  • across 5 continents


We provide captions and subtitle origination, conformance, and quality assurance for long-form and short-form content, including metadata, marketing copy, and trailers in over 50 languages.

International Dubbing

We have the resources, expertise, and the technology to dub any kind of content for a global audience. 

Ensuring content is accessible to all audiences.


With a dedicated global team of native-speaking captioners and SDH authors, we provide top-notch live, closed or open captions, and transcription services delivered with excellence at rapid speeds.

Audio Description

Our highly specialized and skilled team provides audio description services to broadcasters and streaming platforms, describing feature films, documentaries, live action and animated series.

Sign Language

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