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English Services Team

Burbank, California
Small but mighty, we handle all English localization projects right here at our Los Angeles studios. 

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Matthew Wolff
Audio Manager
Elodie Powers
Director, Global Streaming & Broadcast
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Chloe Shepard
Junior Project Manager
Image (7)_edited.jpg
Buddy Halligan
Chief Audio Engineer - Technical Operations
Manu 1.jpg
Manuele Pepe
Lead Engineer
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Shane Mendez
Audio Production Coordinator
Hannah Butler
Audio Production Coordinator

International Services Team

Based in Los Angeles with international team members
Our “follow the sun” model for project management can support any international dubbing and subtitling operation. With teams located in our Burbank, Montreal, Milan, Manila, Katowice, and New Delhi offices, we are ready to take on any request and launch titles in any language or platform.


Lei Zhu
Global Operations Manager
Burbank, CA, USA
Margo Madson
Production Manager
Burbank, CA, USA
Francesco Cioffi_edited.jpg
Francesco Cioffi
DTT Program Manager -
Milan, Italy
Sourav Dey
Subtitling Technician & QC Specialist
Gurgaon, India
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Pattamaporn Anusanti
Subtitling Coordinator
Montreal, Canada
Jennica Rio Galolo
Subtitling Coordinator
Manila, Philippines
Dominika Krzywda
Subtitling Coordinator
Katowice, Poland
Edben John Iguiban
Subtitling Technician & QC Lead
Manila, Philippines
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Pauline Joy Cueto
Subtitling Coordinator Lead
Manila, Philippines
MicrosoftTeams-image (56).png
Agatha Mary Junitte P. Rollon
DTT Program Lead
Manila, Philippines
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